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Saigon Fast Food

With a menu clocking in at over 200 examples of authentic Vietnamese cuisine, Saigon Fast Food may well hold the title for the most diverse range of entrees and sides out of all of the restaurants in Greenville. Like so many great eateries that lie a little off the beaten path, Saigon Fast Food may […]

For a Good Taco, Call Sexy Taco

Are your tired of tacos that tease? Lunches that are over before they’ve begun? Sure you are. That’s why Sexy Taco has made it its mission to lay the humble tortilla to ruin by conjuring the tightest spices, meats, veggies and Alf knows what else for tacos stuffed with more innuendos and double entendres than […]

Pita House

At first glance, the Pita House is a pretty unassuming little restaurant, located in an easy to miss gray building along Pleasantburg’s long miracle mile. Coming through the door towards the counter, the styrofoam plates and sparse decor doesn’t inspire too much confidence either. The moment that your meal arrives at your table, however, you […]