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Soby’s New South Cuisine

Of all the restaurants in Greenville, SC, few capture the heart and spirit of this city as well as Soby’s New South Cuisine. Soby’s takes the traditional tastes and flavors that are so essential to southern culture and infuses them with a modern sensibility combined of international influences and the fresh, forward-thinking perspective that is […]

Duke Sandwich Company

You’d never guess it if you were just passing through, but few restaurants in Greenville are as closely linked to our city’s history as the Duke Sandwich Company. Established in 1917, the inspiration for this iconic local eatery began when a resident by the name of Eugenia Duke began making and selling sandwiches to soldiers […]

Poinset Bridge

Poinsett Bridge is the oldest standing bridge in South Carolina, having been erected in 1820 by the state Board of Public Works under the direction of Joel R. Poinsett. This is the same Poinsett who is responsible for introducing the poinsetta to the United States. Poinsett Bridge is a stone arch bridge, relying on the […]