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Duke Sandwich Company

You’d never guess it if you were just passing through, but few restaurants in Greenville are as closely linked to our city’s history as the Duke Sandwich Company. Established in 1917, the inspiration for this iconic local eatery began when a resident by the name of Eugenia Duke began making and selling sandwiches to soldiers […]

For a Good Taco, Call Sexy Taco

Are your tired of tacos that tease? Lunches that are over before they’ve begun? Sure you are. That’s why Sexy Taco has made it its mission to lay the humble tortilla to ruin by conjuring the tightest spices, meats, veggies and Alf knows what else for tacos stuffed with more innuendos and double entendres than […]

Hot Dog King

Greenvillians have long relied on the Hot Dog King’s when they need a satisfying lunch that served and enjoyed with just a few minutes to spare. The Hot Dog King has long been considered an institutions when it comes to the workday lunch crowd, and you’ll find people from every walk of life lining up […]