Saigon Fast Food

With a menu clocking in at over 200 examples of authentic Vietnamese cuisine, Saigon Fast Food may well hold the title for the most diverse range of entrees and sides out of all of the restaurants in Greenville. Like so many great eateries that lie a little off the beaten path, Saigon Fast Food may not be much to look out from the outside looking, sandwiched between a headshop and a burglar alarm store along Pleasantburg Drive. Head inside, and you’ll realize right away that you’ve found a place that takes great food far more seriously than appearances.

As many menu options as Saigon Fast Food happens to offer, there are a handful of items that keep locals coming back again and again. Diners who are looking for a quick lunch on the go can’t go wrong with their banh mi, an affordable tasty meat sandwich served on a baguette with pickled carrots, fish sauce, cilantro and other ingredients. Pad thai is always a hit, and Saigon Fast Food makes some of the best in town. Kids and the young at heart will enjoy the bubble tea, which is available in a bunch of different flavors. Vegetarians have all sorts of entrees to chose from, but the veggie pho is definitely worth checking out.

If you don’t have much experience with Vietnamese cuisine, don’t feel shy about asking the staff for a little bit more information on a particular dish. Saigon Fast Food offers a few dishes that are probably a bit much for diners with sensitive stomachs, and the employees are used to helping new customers navigate their exhaustive menu without getting in over their heads.

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