Hot Dog King

Greenvillians have long relied on the Hot Dog King’s when they need a satisfying lunch that served and enjoyed with just a few minutes to spare. The Hot Dog King has long been considered an institutions when it comes to the workday lunch crowd, and you’ll find people from every walk of life lining up for a quick bite at just about every hour of the day.

Unlike some greasy spoon eateries, the staff are extremely open and friendly, so don’t worry about receiving the Soup Nazi treatment if you are ordering for the first time. Menu options range from franks and brawts to chili and sandwiches, and there is usually a special that is worth looking at. However, you really can’t go wrong with a couple of signature hot dogs “all the way” at a couple bucks a piece.

Although the food is tasty and the staff is friendly and approachable, the Hot Dog King’s interior is a bit on the drab side, and the place tends to get a little messy during the lunch rush. Nothing abhorrent, but you might head elsewhere if you are meeting with a client or a fussy friend. Otherwise, stop on by, pull up a chair and enjoy America’s favorite phallic snack.

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