For a Good Taco, Call Sexy Taco

Are your tired of tacos that tease? Lunches that are over before they’ve begun?

Sure you are. That’s why Sexy Taco has made it its mission to lay the humble tortilla to ruin by conjuring the tightest spices, meats, veggies and Alf knows what else for tacos stuffed with more innuendos and double entendres than you can wag a nun’s finger at.

Sexy Taco is about as kick ass as it gets when it comes to the street food department in Greenville. They specialize in serving up extremely tasty bundles of tenderness, hubris and pain (habenera cream sauce).

Vegetarians come first with a veggie taco that features marinated portobello mushrooms, fire roasted zucchini and  Mexican cheese {the mystery is the message} walking into a pony show.  Those who have a craving for the flesh will can choose from slow-cooked cow rib meat, chicken that went to boarding school and a steak that had a family to take care of, for heaven’s sake. They also do some things that really aren’t fair with blue cheese and buffalo sauce.

And fish tacos, which are evidently still a thing.

So swing by and give Sexy Taco a go for good eats, great service and some ever-so-pleasant misunderstandings.

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